7 Tips to Consider When Developing Your Facebook Community

As social networks explode, more and more companies try to integrate their online presence through social media platforms. The most used platforms would be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and lately foursquare is receiving lots of attention.


Using these social platforms successfully needs more understanding then just  how to set up a profile.

Facebook Fan Pages are considered a great starting point for social media engagement, more and more companies are searching to learn the best practices to adopt in order to build up the desired followers.

Seven factors to consider when developing your Facebook community

1. Focus on the Content

Upload images, videos, texts and other media types around your brand, focusing on the interests of the community you want to build. This is a place where you want to show your human side of your company. It is well know that people are more likely to react to pictures, so update some interesting pictures regularly.

2. Encourage Discussions

Engage with users by asking and answering their questions. People want to be involved and are more likely to interact to a human tone of voice instead of a cold corporate talking. Be as friendly as possible, facebook is all about friendships and family; don’t over push your product and services. First build trust with your followers

3. Setup Contests and games

To keep your new fans and earn their trust you have to be creative! Motivate people to participate and add entertainment value to their online experience.

4. Reward your fans

Why should I hit the “Like” button? Do you offer only information about your company and products? A way to attract more “Like” thumbs is to offer something special for your fans. But remember you don’t want to build up followers who are attracted to your specials only, but you want to build relationship with your brand.

5. Promote your Facebook Fan Page

Add your Fan Page’s link in your website, blog, e-mail signatures newsletters and printed media.

6. Create Custom Welcome Pages / Tabs

The purpose of your facebook business page is to expand your territories. The first impression of your facebook business page is critical. Your customized facebook landing tab has to be interesting enough to encourage fans join. Create custom facebook pages with compelling images or videos. This could be a presentation of your company, a contest announcement or even an application.

7. Be prepared to respond to negative reviews

Social platforms give people a voice to express not only their positive, but their negative reviews and comments too. You should always be prepared to respond a negative review and you should not just try to hide it by deleting the post. This requires a specific policy and the right spokesperson to handle kind situations.

What other tips would you recommend to be successful with your facebook fan page?

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