Create your Facebook Page Custom URL (Vanity URL)

Set up a Custom URL (Vanity URL) for your Facebook Fan Page

Over the years I noticed that one of the most commonly missed optimization by many Facebook Fan page owners is the opportunity to change the Facebook Page URL and set up a Facebook Custom URL or often mention as Vanity URL for your Facebook business page.


When you create a Facebook fan page, as a standard Facebook will generate a fan page URL that will look like The numbers at the end are important as they indentify your page; each and every Facebook Fan page has its own set of numbers, yet is very obvious that people can’t remember such complicated numbers and in this format is not suitable for you to use it on your business card, banner, or other method of promotion.

Facebook allows you to change the Facebook fan page url and customize it to your desired, easy to remember facebook custom URL.

Here are the steps to Change your Facebook Fan Page Url:

  • First, you need to ensure that your fan page has at least 25 fans. You cannot have a Facebook Custom URL for your Facebook fan page if the number of fans for your fan page is below 25. Once the number of fans is 25, from your PROFILE Page Click “Edit Page

how to set up your facebook business page custom url


  • Once you’re on your settings page from the left side bar Click the “Basic Information” menu.

Custom Vanity URL for Facebook


  • Enter your desired username for the page and check the availability. Not all the names will be available so choose something nice. Facebook allows you to change your facebook url only once so choose your username (URL) wisely.


how to set up your custom facebook url for business page

  • When everything is done your page URL should look like this:


People often are asking me why is important to have a vanity url for Facebook?

  1. It’s easy to remember.
  2. Creating the custom url prevents someone else from registering it. You really don’t want someone else to register your brand.
  3. Improves your website’s SEO – especially if you use keywords in the URL name. It is well knows that keywords in URL help pages to rank higher in search engines. Having a keyword in your Facebook page URL could help your page ranking high on search engines which in turn can generate more traffic and revenue. For example, will result in more hits than

So go ahead and Set up your Facebook custom URL (Vanity URL) for your facebook fan page and take advantage of the awesome opportunities social media offers.

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