Custom Timeline Cover Photo for Facebook Pages

With the new Timeline, Facebook is trying to increase user engagement on the website by providing brands to become a better story tellers.
Every brand has a story. Do you communicate your story well?

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Are you ready to make your company, your brand, your agency a better storyteller by standing out from the crowd?

The timeline cover photo is the big image that appears at the top of the page when visitors land on your Facebook Page. This image should instantly communicate your brand message and promise. Don’t choose a generic image. Invest in a great image that helps your brand stand out from the crowd and intrigues visitors enough to get them to stick around for more than a few seconds.

At Intact Marketing we create a more creative and customized timeline cover photos to impress all of your fans and friends.

Take a look at our latest custom cover timeline cover images we created and Contact us  and we will create a Facebook Timeline Cover Photo that will help you stand out and communicate your story well. 


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