Facebook vs Twitter

How does Twitter compare against Facebook when it comes to online activity? If we are comparing the Facebook population to the Twitter followers, it shows that while the two are similar in many respects but at the same time there are some crucial differences of interest to marketers and others looking to mine the data and pick a favourite platform.


The biggest difference would be that Twitter users seem to be more active, but less interested in following brands.

I found it that Facebook is like a class reunion. Twitter is like a huge roundtable discussion. The big question is which is better for business.

Of course since these stats were performed we all know that Facebook has far more than 600 million total users. In July of 2010 it declared it had 500 million monthly active users – who had actively used the service within the previous 30 days, meaning there would be more users who had not used the service in that period, not included in that number.

Whereas Twitter’s 106 or 190 million numbers are just the number of accounts created, which does not necessarily equate to real human users at all, due to the vast amount of spam accounts on the network, and those accounts that are completely/mainly inactive. Twitter never published their monthly active users (or a similar metric) – however, we know from other research that large amounts of accounts are inactive.

I found it interesting that those of a higher income don’t engage very highly in social networking than those of the lower income bracket. This indicates to me that these social media platforms may be used more for entrepreneurial advancement or that those who are more affluent have less spare time to “play on the computer”.

However there are no accurate stats about the mass effect of a “social networks” on overall country productivity? How many working hours do social networkers spend on these sites per day, months a year?

Whether we like it or not, it looks to me that social media platforms are here to stay and it affects how the next generations will socialize and communicate. We have to learn to use social media networks effectively to maximize their positive opportunities.

Facebook vs Twitter

Which social platform is more appealing for you and why?

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