• Facebook Hashtag - Hashtag

    Facebook Introduces Searchable Hashtags

      Today, on a blog post, Facebook announced that they are rolling out searchable hashtags as well more features in an effort to play a greater role in real-time public conversations. Not that you couldn’t include hashtags on Facebook before, they just weren’t linkable as it is on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, or Pinteres. From now users will be able to […]

  • Facebook is Down for Some Users

    November 08, 2012 – We don’t know why Facebook is down, but many users are currently experiencing difficulties connecting to Facebook. This is uncommon from Facebook and more likely is a service disruption, but I wonder how many businesses build their entire marketing on Facebook or any other social media platform. In October there was another […]

  • Custom Timeline Cover Photo for Facebook Pages

    With the new Timeline, Facebook is trying to increase user engagement on the website by providing brands to become a better story tellers. Every brand has a story. Do you communicate your story well? Are you ready to make your company, your brand, your agency a better storyteller by standing out from the crowd? The timeline cover photo is the […]

  • New Facebook Timeline Training

    NEW Timeline for Facebook Pages

    What you need to know to make the switch! After Facebook rulled out that  ALL FaceBook Pages will convert to Timeline on March 30th, 2012, brands are wasting no time switching over to Facebook’s new Timeline Page design. Just one week after the social network rolled out the radical facelift, more than 8 million Pages have […]

  • GrowYourFacebookLikes

    7 Tips to Consider When Developing Your Facebook Community

    As social networks explode, more and more companies try to integrate their online presence through social media platforms. The most used platforms would be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and lately foursquare is receiving lots of attention.   Using these social platforms successfully needs more understanding then just  how to set up a profile. Facebook Fan […]

  • Facebook vs Twitter

    Facebook vs Twitter

    How does Twitter compare against Facebook when it comes to online activity? If we are comparing the Facebook population to the Twitter followers, it shows that while the two are similar in many respects but at the same time there are some crucial differences of interest to marketers and others looking to mine the data and pick a favourite platform. […]