How Facebook’s New Creator Amplification Tool Will Change Influence Marketing.

In the last few years we saw an increase in companies and brands tapping into influencer’s audience by using the influencer’s authentic voice. Statistics shows that about 50% of marketers are planning to increase their influence marketing spends from year-over-year.

Now Facebook just announced their new creator amplification tool that will help marketers to boost their influencer’s post and with that this will give marketers access to a lot of insights that are important to see the effectiveness of the influencer and their campaign.

With influence marketing becoming a mainstream marketing strategy unfortunately there has been a growing number of fake influencer accounts where an influencer might have large amount of followers by simply buying followers and likes, but those accounts while might look nice on the outside they would not benefit the marketer as there is no real connection and influence with the followers.

So how the creator amplification tool will help marketers?

The marketer will be able to track important insights and see how effective the influencer and the campaign is.

A creator (influencer) writes a post on their own page and tags the brand or business in the post. Now, with the new creator amplification tool, the brand or business has the ability to boost the post that appears on the creator’s page! Marketers can use Facebook targeting and custom audience to reach more people.

The marketer can choose to boost the post to those who like the page (the influencer’s audience) and /or choose to boost the page to custom audience. The marketer then will have access to important insights like reach, engagement, total spend and CPM and this will help them to determine the effectiveness of the post and the influencer.

This new tool will help marketers to choose influencers who can effectively market a product or service to their audience.

How the creator amplification tool will help influencers?

Having a large audience will no longer cut it.

If you built an engaged audience then this will be your time to shine as the fake influencers simply won’t get the results marketers are looking for. For years I been preaching this: it’s not about how big your followers are but rather how engaged they are. You will get better results with a small but engaged follower niche than you would with a huge number of fake followers. When it comes to social media, it’s not just about numbers, but rather engagement.

Facebook more likely will tweak its algorithm.

Based on the history of Facebook, my assumption is that Facebook will make it harder for influencer’s content to reach organically, especially if the content is tagged with a brand partner as they want to get their share of $$ and want brands to boost the post.

So my suggestion is to have the influencer and marketer work closely together, check the insights of the post and do what is needed to make the campaign successful. If needed let the marketer boost the post, if it’s better then remove the brand tag and just reach the influence’s audience organically.

These are new options that we just need to maximize in a way that will benefit both the marketer and the influencer while Facebook wants to maximize their $$ growth.


This update is taking influence marketing to new grounds and the questions most are asking is how will this influence Instagram, which has emerged as the number one platform for influence marketing and is also owned by Facebook

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