Google+ Just Rolled Out New Design Changes

Do you ever feel like that there is just not enough time to keep up with all the social media changes? You just finally get comfortable with the latest changes when a new change occurs again.

Today, I want to share with you the latest changes Google+ made, hoping this will help you stay on the top of all social media change!

If you visited your or anyone’s Google+ profile you recognized right away that there are some big changes in the design of both personal and page profiles.

There is a new “Review” tab, added cards to the “About” section and a much larger cover photo for both personal profiles as well on Google+ pages.

Google+ made their announcement about these changes in a Google+ post on Wednesday and of course with every change the question is – how these new features look like and are they making conversations easier?


Under the “Profile” section there is a new tab for “Reviews”. Now, in addition to your Photos, +1’s, YouTube videos you will also find a space for your local reviews.  As a Google+ user you are able to highlight favorite locations, or you can simply choose to hide this tab completely. It’s really up to you whether you want your reviews to be available on your profile or not. The changes can be made through the “Setting” option on the platform.  This tights into Google’s effort to expand the local search usage.

Local search is excellent to build “word of the mouth” referral system that people are using to make informed buying decisions. If your business is not listed and OPTIMIZED on Google Places and Google+ Places you should contact us and we’ll help you set up and optimized your Google places profiles which are absolutely necessary to be found in local searches.

When you click on the “About” tab you will notice that there are separate cards now which look a lot like Facebook’s “About” section. These cards include categories like” Places, Links, Story. With the new changes you are able to edit these cards through a prominently displayed “Edit” link.

The most obvious change however on both Google+ Profiles and Pages the much larger branded cover photo with a much smaller photo and logo space. This is great news for branding purposes.  The new cover photo size is 2120px by  1192px.

Google+ stated that users will see these new features rolled out gradually. I’m not sure if your profiles have the new look already or not, but you can check here.

Please follow our Google+ page to stay on top of these latest social media news and join our Google+ community to connect with fellow Entrepreneurs. These communities are targeted for Milton Businesses for now, but I will add a new community soon focused mainly on social media topics.

If this information was helful to you please be kind and share or comment here. Did you noticed the Google+ profile changes and have you updated your cover images yet?

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