How To Create a Successful Social Media Strategy

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vine, and the list goes on. There are a ton of social media channels, and most business are using them because they’re a great way to do the following:

  • Reach your target audience;
  • Grow your brand/reputation;
  • Generate sales/leads.

If you’re not on social media, chances are good your competitor is. That doesn’t mean it’s too late to join the social media world, but you have to do it right.

It might seem like a lot of work, especially if you don’t know where to start.

Here are some tips to consider while you plan.

  • Pick your social networks

The social media network or channel you choose should work for your business. Perhaps you want a place to post awesome photos, or communicate directly with your audience. Think about why you want to use social media – this will help you make a decision as to what channel will work for you. Remember: you don’t have to be on every social media network; just the ones that are in line with your business goals.

  • Dedicate time and energy to doing it

Is your Instagram account designed to show off the latest and greatest products from your business? Are you using Facebook to provide valuable content? No matter what network you’re using, you have to devote time to being social online. Start off small – aim to spend at least half an hour a day on social media. This way, you can remain consistent without feeling like you’re overwhelmed.

  • Target the right demographic

Social media tools can help you determine which audiences are on what channel, as well as what they’re interested in. Play around with these tools so you can find out exactly where your customers are located. This way, you can reach them better on social media.

  • Complete your profile page

Your social media account(s) are a representation of your company. That’s why it’s important to spend time developing your channel and ensuring you upload information about your company, photos and more. You want your page to look authentic and real. Otherwise, users and potential customers may bypass it. With good visuals and content, your page will stand out from the rest.

  • Develop a strategy

This is where the fun happens! When it comes to social media, you have the ability to post content on specific dates, at specific times, and can even target your posts to specific demographics. With so many factors at play, it might be hard to do all of this at once!

Instead, pick one strategy and stick to it! If your goal is to publish relevant content, do it! Focus on posting without worrying about tracking time. If you’re more interested in posting frequently, then dedicate your time to strictly posting at any given time of the day. Alternatively, you can also be strategic about when you’re posting and focus your time on using the analytic tools within social media channels to determine when your followers are using social media. Track, then post away.

All three strategies are necessary to reach your social media goals (and grow your business). But doing all three at the same time might be too much to handle if you’re new to social media. Focus on taking your time and learning how to use social media before mastering the art.

  • Find your voice

When it comes to generating content, you want your readers to feel confident in you as a source of information. The same goes for social media. You need to find your voice and learn how to communicate in such a way that’s honest and true to you, but that will capture your audience’s attention.

  • Engage with your audience

Social media brings people together. It also brings peoples’ attention to your business. When you have followers who like and comment on your posts, communicate with them! Let them know that you’re paying attention and are a real person behind the page you’re managing.

Social media can seem like a wild new world to explore. If you need help getting your business online, why not contact an expert at Intact Marketing?  It’s our job to not only navigate you through the world of social media, but to help you every step of the way. We can set up your social media channels for you, put a content plan in place, engage with followers and more!

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Piri Darabont

Piri Darabont shares her business and marketing knowledge through coaching & consulting with clients around the world. Piri specializes in helping you get more sales, more leads and more clients utilizing social media and the internet as a whole. Her strategies are easy to implement and get quick results. Her primary goal is to help entrepreneurs and executives take their businesses to the next level through strategic implementation of Online Marketing. To contact Piri please call 1-905-616-2971 or fill out the Contact Form.

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