Keyword Research for SEO Content Creation

Finding your Profit-Driving Keywords for Maximum Results 

It’s no secret that the road to search engines is paved with keywords. Keywords are the words that users put into the search area when looking for a product or service.

Optimizing your site for the wrong keywords can lead to huge amounts of traffic and business loss.

Keyword Research PPC Keyword Analyses SEOSelecting which keywords to use in your search engine optimization (SEO) or AdWords efforts can be a daunting task. There are so many variations on even the simplest keyword phrase that it is very difficult for most business owners to decide which terms are appropriate for their market. Oftentimes, websites are optimized for keywords that are perceived to be of high-value. However, perceived value and actual value can greatly vary.

Intact Marketing’s Keyword Research Service seeks to harmonize your keyword choices with the terms most used by potential visitors to your website.

The first thing we do with you is sit down and put together a list of keywords. Then we take the time to uncover how your target market uses language when they search for products or services like yours.

Once we identify the mindset of your target visitors, we will compile a list of possible keywords and keyword phrases then drill the data down further into category level themes of relevance.

In our efforts to provide you with the best keyword research, we focus on the number of keywords that make sense for your type of business and utilize specialized tool sets that allow us to built a deeper and far more complete targeted keyword set and branch them into more tightly integrated categories.

Keyword Research and Evaluation is one of the most important parts of your Search Engine Optimization game plan.

This particular phase is very detailed oriented, tedious and a tremendously important aspect of your websites success and dominance within the search engines for not only today but tomorrow. If you are serious about earning the most coveted organic rankings that literally flood your website with qualified traffic day after day, the importance of this step cannot be underestimated.

At Intact Marketing we tailor our keyword research to you and your needs, ensuring that you can optimize for the keywords that are most likely to bring you the valuable, targeted traffic that you want.

Keyword Research is the first step towards capturing more customers, and accelerating your Internet marketing results. Take the first step to your online success by simply clicking on the link below to Request your Keyword Research Evaluation.

Our Keyword Research Evaluation Service Price $400-$1,500 (depends on the number of keywords)

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