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Website Audit, Competitor Analyses, SEO Recommendation and Website Redesign Audit

Does your website show up on the first pages on search engines when potential customers search for your product or service? If not, improving your website is the first step to reaching more potential customers.

If you’re trying to identify the opportunities and weaknesses your website offers to you and your customers or if you want to know how your website is performing against your competition then a Website Audit will provide you with the insight you need to take action.

The first step of any search engine optimization project is to start with an initial website audit analysis.

seo website audit, Competitor Analyses, SEO Recommendation and Website Redesign AuditA Website audit will help determine on-site and off-site factors which may make your site less visible to the search engines or causes it to be indexed incorrectly or result in low search engine rankings.

Intact Marketing expert SEO audit is based on your needs, and provides you with point by point review of your web property. We will analyze your online business presence from many different perspectives and once the data is collected our audit experts will deliver a full report with a plan of action in an easy to understand format outlining the current state of your website, and the strategic, performance, and design recommendations necessary to put your business online presence on the right path.

Because each company has its own specific need we provide different SEO audit packages. It’s not always important to reach perfect results in absolutely all fields – you always have to evaluate return on investment. For example – for simple corporate website performance audit is not important, although functionality and SEO audit is very important.

A website audit is a must have blueprint for your business if you are seeking strategic direction and specific recommendations to make the most of your website. The funds you spend on SEO audit services is an investment in the ultimate success of your online presence. Intact Marketing is committed to delivering the most for your search marketing dollar.

Check our various SEO audit options below, and select the option that best suits your needs or simply contact us today and we will help you decide which SEO consulting plan is right for you.

Initial Site Review

Initial Site Performance Review

The Initial Site Performance Review is an excellent service for those who have just recently launched or re-launched their website, or sites that are disappointed with their current Internet marketing efforts. Sometimes all you need is just some minor but critical changes, to impact your overall results. We will look at your website and show you the tweaks needed to improve your online marketing.

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Basic Website Audit

Basic Website Audit Consultation

The Basic Website Audit Consultation is recommended to sites under 20 pages or those new to SEO. If you don’t need a full in-depth website audit, but would like to know your current web presence this is an excellent way to have a look at where you are and where you need to go. Following an online evaluation, we recommend several quick and inexpensive investments you can make to your website and communications that result in quick returns on investment.

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Standard Website Audit

Standard SEO Website Audit Consultation

Our Standard SEO Website Audit Consultation is a more in depth SEO analysis of your online presence. Intact Marketing will review your website strengths and weaknesses as well your communication methods. We will provide you with a list of technical issues, site architecture issues as well as recommendations on how to fix and improve the problems. This audit comes with strategic and targeted recommendations how you can improve to meet your goals. This is a good option for the do-it-yourselfer who doesn’t have the budget for a full SEO campaign.

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Premium Website Audit

Premium SEO Website Audit Consultation and Recommendation

Intact Marketing offers a Premium SEO Website Audit Consultation that delves even deeper to provide the expert SEO answers you are seeking. We perform an in-depth analysis of your organization’s goals and strategies, analyze your competition, work with your staff, and review all your online tools and procedures. We will provide you with recommendations on how to solve your technical issues, usability concerns, keyword research strategies and show you the steps you need to take to meet your online goals and how to continue with your SEO campaign.

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Website Redesign Audit

Website Redesign SEO Audit Consultation

Our Website Redesign SEO Audit Consultation should be your number one step before you redesign your current website. There are countless ways a website redesign can actually negatively impact your results. Your existing website has a lot of assets that you have built up. These assets help your prospects find your website and help you turn them into leads and customers. You need to find out what those assets are and protect them carefully during the redesign. While it may seem like a lot to juggle, you cannot wait to consult with an SEO expert after your redesign is completed.

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The end goal of any website audit is to have a user friendly website that allows your consumers to easily & effectively convert on your site!

If you want to discover where your organization is within the Search Engine Hierarchy and how you can reach the next stage, schedule a Website Audit by completing this form and Intact Marketing will lead the way.

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